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Many of my clients have parents whose health is starting to falter. They may be unable to make decisions for themselves about their health, safety, or finances. However, in some cases, the parents are reluctant to give up any control over their assets and don’t want anyone else to be able to make decisions for them. When you meet with me, I will listen carefully to the details of your situation so that I can advise you on how to best support your aging parents.

Whether we end up working with them to create an advance healthcare directive, or whether it becomes necessary to establish an adult guardianship or conservatorship, you can trust that I’ll work hard to make sure your best interests, and those of your loved ones, are protected.

Exploring All Options

I usually recommend that, if possible, elderly individuals execute a power of attorney and a Georgia Advance Directive for Healthcare (in addition to creating a will). A power of attorney and a healthcare directive will allow a specific individual to make decisions about finances and health care in the event the elderly person becomes unable to do so. In some cases, the elderly person no longer has the capacity to make sound decisions about his or her finances, health, safety or welfare. In other cases, the elderly person might be being taken advantage of by a family member or friend, and doesn’t want anyone else to make decisions for him or her. In those cases, an adult guardianship or a conservatorship may become necessary.

Understanding Adult Guardianship

An adult guardianship is a legal process in which a person asks the probate court to give him or her control over an adult’s health, safety and welfare. A conservatorship is similar, but grants control over finances. Guardianships and conservatorships can become expensive and time-consuming, but in many cases they are necessary to protect an individual from either being taken advantage of or from making poor decisions. Whatever your concerns may be, I will help you establish effective strategies that protect you and your loved ones.

If you live in the Marietta area and you believe an aging loved one is in need of an adult guardianship/conservatorship, contact Sarah White, Attorney at Law, at (678) 453-6490. Together, we will navigate the process and determine the best strategies for protecting those you love.

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