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When someone passes away in the state of Georgia, their estate goes through a period known as probate. During this time, a designated personal representative will collect and evaluate the deceased individual's assets, pay off any outstanding debts or taxes, and oversee the distribution of the remaining assets among the beneficiaries.

Depending on several factors, probate can go smoothly or become stressful. I encourage you to contact me with your probate questions so that I can help you successfully navigate the process and ensure that it goes as smoothly as possible.

When Probate is Necessary

Not every estate must go through probate in Georgia. The court usually only needs to be involved if the deceased individual owned assets listed only in their name. Other assets that were jointly owned can typically be transferred without going through probate. For instance, if you and your spouse owned a property in both of your names, it would transfer to your spouse by default upon your death. Probate is also more likely if the deceased individual did not leave a will—if that’s the case, then the court will typically step in to handle the process. Unfortunately, when there is no will that leaves clear instructions for the distribution of the assets, costly legal battles can arise, extending the period of probate and causing additional stress among surviving loved ones.

Trusted & Effective Probate Guidance

If you recently lost a loved one, or if you are thinking about how to reduce stress for your loved ones after you’ve passed on, I am here to answer your questions and help you understand the probate process in greater depth. My goal is to make sure you feel supported throughout the process and that you feel empowered to make informed choices at every turn. Contact me today to get started with a friendly and experienced probate lawyer who is dedicated to protecting the best interests of you and your loved ones.

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