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Making Estate Planning Fun by Facilitating Will Parties & Group Estate Planning Events

While it's understandable that drafting a will or completing other estate planning documents may not sound like much fun, there are creative ways to spice things up while still planning for your future: Hosting a Will Party! I am proud to offer a will party service to groups of three or more couples or individuals who want to go through the estate planning process in a cost-effective and enjoyable way.

About the Will Party Process

To have a will party, your group will set up a time with me for an initial meeting. At the first meeting, I will meet with the group, explain the basics of estate planning, gather the necessary information to draft the documents, and take group or individual questions privately. I will then have another phone meeting with each participant, draft each individual or couple’s documents, and send them to the participants for approval. Once everyone has approved their documents, we will have a will signing party.

A Cost-Effective Way to Plan for the Future

Not only is the group estate planning process more enjoyable, as you will be sharing the experience with others—you will also receive a substantial discount! Each will party participant will receive 25 percent off from my normal rate. I want to encourage individuals and couples to focus on their futures by going through the estate planning process, so it’s my pleasure to offer an enjoyable and affordable way of completing these important documents. Questions? Contact me for more information about will parties and group estate planning events.

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